Fix, Repair, Install, Fabricate

Services Offered

In the 21 years I've been with this hobby I have owned or worked on most American N scale locomotives ever made, including brass.

Workshop services N scale list;

  • General repair/diagnose/major service or fabrication $25/hr
  • DCC board drop-in install $15
  • DCC wired/soldered install $20+
  • Vintage locos serviced, sonic cleaning, brass loco rehab and tune-up
  • Passenger Train interiors lighted
  • Custom DCC & Sound in freight or passenger cars for any train!
  • I do work in Z, HO, and other scales with a specialty in N
  • I'm one of the repair people who will be honest if it's too big a job for my skills/tools

Dust off those broken or buzzing trains, get them back on the mainline! Use the form at bottom!


Custom Painting

If you can't BUY it... BUILD it!

I work primarily with Micro-Scale decals and Tru-Color paints. I have been custom-painting N scale motive power and rolling stock for two decades. I personally model and paint Pacific Northwest roads, but with decals and reference photos and I'll bring all your ideas to the rails...

Custom painting Services N scale list:

  • $40 for most diesel locomotives
  • $50 for most steam locomotives
  • $25 for most rolling stock
  • All levels of weathering
  • Passenger Train interiors painted & riders added (great with interior lighting!)
  • Discounted prices for simple paint work, bulk jobs, passenger or unit trains
  • Decals and paint are additional (no markup), or you may provide them
  • I paint trains in N, Z, HO, and other scales. The sky's the limit!

Get in touch via the form at bottom; don't wait for a train that may never be made!


Ebay Sales

Ebay and PayPal

Now selling!

I've been selling N & Z gauge on Ebay for over a decade, with many satisfied customers, currently I have 1500+ 100% positive feedback! You will often see my custom work available for auction. 

Also, items you see on my Ebay may be direct-bought for LESS; just send me a message below!

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About my sales and service

I stand behind all items I sell. Simply use the form above and get in touch if you have questions. I ship mostly via USPS Priority Mail. I accept PayPal and USPS Money Order (or cash on pickup for local folks). Thank you!

Custom Benchwork


From the real forest, to a miniature world

I will build benchwork to fit any room, any shape of layout. Sectional, shelf layouts, even islands! We start with straight, clean white pine (or more premium materials), sizing each beam individually and countersinking the hardware. You can choose any height with any level of cross bracing (for heavier trains scenery). Also, underside space can be used for storage or a second layout! Just add a sheet of pink foam and maybe some quality foam or cork roadbed, and you're ready to lay rails!


Fit your space perfectly

Find the best balance between room space and train space! Don't sacrifice your walkways just to use cheap hollow core doors. Instead, plan your perfect world and get those trains rolling SOONER! Delivery available in Northern California.


Core design

Not sure where to start? We can take your room measurements and draft your benchwork out to match your imagination, while keeping things like viewing height and aisles with ADA access in consideration. We can work together to get your blend of track, scenery and viewpoints 'just right' for whatever trainspace you have. Use the form below and let's get to work!

Inquire About Services

My inbox is always open for you.

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