Rough-draft epitaph?

Call me Ishmael...

If I were to write a short biography, how would it best explain my (idea of) self? Relatively simply. Born on the West Coast but raised in New York State. I don't think I could ever be sick of the snow but I didn't shovel much as a child. With the inspiration of my family of entrepreneurs and free spirits, I built a business or two though I eventually settled on a career in protection. Working in the security industry has been interesting, to be part of the civilian aspect of law enforcement and being able to spend my personal time and energy (and occasionally safety) keeping others from harm. Being a middle child, I have that stereotypical unique perspective that allows me to understand the breadth and depth of situations that arise before I react. Though people tell me I may have been good at so many things, they often infer what they believe my personality might be best applied to. In reality, despite the fact I have a unique set of skills in my career, my time and energy are best used in a creative fashion. The few times I have been able to apply that professionally I have excelled. I make things I like, and sometimes I'm not alone in liking what I made.

Currently, I reside in the Bay Area of California with my funny, lovely little lady and our wonderful fur babies; a cantankerous and affectionate boxer dog and (only recently), a small and sprightly kitten who keeps things more than interesting. I believe he is currently testing the theory of gravity, using anything he finds on a table. It's like living with a tiny scientist. On the other pages of Gotham Harbor, you would find a few hobbies that I'm enthusiastic about. The aspect of life that carries the most weight with me is family. I have  wonderful parents, some amazing aunts and uncles, an irreplaceable brother and a sister and their respective partners, for all of whom I would gladly fight to the death. Still, let's hope that situation doesn't arise anytime soon.

I'm happier in a dirty garage than a clean office. I drink, smoke, curse and seek the moonlit drives and backroads whenever the opportunity arises. The things I love, I share with those close to me and I'm no stranger to sacrifice for the greater good. I spend my free time as joyfully as I am able, folks looking from the outside may see me as an old soul or a kid at heart depending on the moment. Every day I try my damndest to live and love as much as my tired bones will allow. Shouldn't you?