Behind the Wheel

Current toys

2018 brought an opportunity to adopt a tired but desert-dry '57 Buick, she runs like an old Singer sewing machine today. Tomorrow she might even lurch out onto the street and flash those fins at the neighbors.... 

Weekend getaways keep getting better with my '51 Plymouth, she tows a sweet little teardrop camper and that 377ci Mopar block hauls it uphill with ease. Dirty wrenches spin every weekend keeping these beauties rolling. I can be found in my driveway with a cigar & a sailor's mouth almost any warm Saturday. If it's not so warm, I keep a Hemi Challenger handy to hit the streets with power and style...

20 years of old school

I started my years banging gears, behind the wheel of my old man's Studebakers. Some of my fondest memories were made in my '50's and 60's American cars, including a finned Belvedere and a flat-fendered Valiant. I've owned four vintage bugs and a couple Chevys, probably enough rust in my bloodstream to make magnets stick to my arse. Through it all, I taught myself how to fix most things and replace everything else. I specialize in low-buck driveway restoration, because hey... 40k billet queens just aren't my thing. Weld in your small block and let's go smoke some tires.

What is rolling art?

Opinions vary on what makes a thing beautiful. Some objects require a very special person to see their inherent beauty, and that's admirable... but rolling art? There was time when design was king and the technology, though impressive, could not keep pace with style. Throughout the years style has changed and the palate of the populous has grown bland and plastic... but there was a time, when a piece of rolling art could be recognized by its shining fins or its toothy grill, the bands of chrome or a distinct roofline. Harley Earle, Raymond Loewy and countless others poured their very souls out in the drawing rooms of many a maker, even for locomotives and planes... and people traveled in style. Now, we strap ourselves into plastic cockpits over a half-ton of batteries and call it a car... but an Automobile, a motor car, was once not only a status symbol in the western world but more importantly it was a gateway to the unknown. Eisenhower and others built a system of roads that stretched across maps and over immense obstacle, reaching small towns and disappearing into uncharted woods. An adventure was made of this country, hell nearly this continent, and countless millions of families aimed their hood ornament for the horizon to find themselves in new lives, in new places. The world was simpler then, sure, but taking a weekend up the mountains or a holiday to the Pacific was once paramount to staying home and staring at a screen spending your money on things you don't need, waiting for the next click to fulfill some echo of "need".

The question now is, are you willing to step away and into a piece of history to see what you've been missing?

What I do

I've been known as the guy who can fix almost anything....

  • Carburetor, Fuel Injection installs
  • Custom interior work (paint, upholstery/panels, electric & lighting)
  • Major system replacement (disc brake upgrades, rear end swaps, top end power)
  • Restoring gauges and dash components, custom hidden sound, bluetooth
  • Sourcing NOS parts, fabricating solutions for custom parts and pieces

The list keeps growing... it's hobby and a passion. 

Currently, I'm penning a book on how to maintain a classic car cheaply, and how to choose/inspect the right car before buying. 

I'm always open to questions or conversation about old iron, say hello below!

Vintage McCulloch VS-57 Supercharger

Vintage McCulloch VS-57 Supercharger

Car talk

You know what to do.