Be a kid again

I've been a costume and Prop/Replica maker for over a decade. Some of my work has been seen by millions, and on occasion I also don the cowl and go make someone's day. There's nothing more satisfying than bringing an image from someone's imagination into the world, and shaking their hand.

My love for the Batman character began in the late 1980's, as a child I grew up watching Adam West "Biff-Bam-POW!" his way through troubled times with class and a sense of humor. There's an innocence to it that was shed with Tim Burton's dark vision of the character, but did no injustice to the beloved blue satin hero West had truly portrayed. The years roll on and the man behind the mask changes to suit Hollywood's A-list, but it doesn't matter whom your favorite Bat is. Why?

Because Batman is an idea. A person who becomes something greater by standing for what they believe, risking self to save those who cannot save themselves. That's why the character always hits so close to home... No special powers, nothing but grit and strength and the will to do what is right.