Where do we begin?

In my three and some-odd decades clinging to this spinning marble of wet rock, I've picked up a few ideas that entertained me. So much so, in fact, that I decided to share them with the world on a page or two. I woke up one morning at nearly four hundred pounds and realized I no longer wished to be the type who is content to sit in some apartment watching TV until I fall asleep, belly full of drive-through food. That's not the American dream, and it's not the lifestyle that made this country (and most of Westernized civilization) content. I got off my ass, I traveled a bit. I turned off the TV and lifted my head to watch the scenery roll by as my parents moved us across the country once or twice. I found that what speaks to me is nature, the highways winding through canyons and over rocky passes... the small towns that sit idly by as the cities choke themselves on smog and 'progress'. It's a beautiful place, this whole country, once you step out of the cement jungles away from the WiFi and standing lines for everything.

It's been far too many decades since folks had a tendency to greet neighbors, to lift their heads from a newspaper and tip a hat toward a passerby. The little computer in your pocket may hold your attention and be filled with free entertainment, but never forget; that free app that keeps your mind busy? "If you don't pay for a product? You are the product." Every minute you're not out in the world seeing and experiencing new things, is a minute wasted. Relaxing is nice, sure, but so many relaxing moments add up and you'll run out of time to do anything else. 

While the forests, lakes and blue open sky that capture my attention may not ignite a fire in you... and your passions and creativity may lie in night skies or graffiti, maybe in a flower vase next to that little leather binder you keep. That is your truth, and you should pursue it.

Finding your niche

One person's struggle is another's strength. A creative outlet is hardly useful without a creative soundboard. It's important to look for 'your people', find a place where your ideas are welcome and others share the same passions. If your loves are too unique to share with an existing group? Start one. Go and preach your truth until you  find or build that fire in someone else and create a kinship in the experience. I'd perhaps never had lifted a pen were it not for a family member recently departed, a man who lived his life his own unique way and left a trail of happiness and fascinating stories in his wake. His books were his truth, and ingrained with his own stories and adventures. In the end, our stories are all we leave behind...