Gotham Harbor

(Hunter's garage)


New York City contrast

Brick and Marrow

Book one of three. Hard-headed Gabriel returns from the second World War to New York City, weary of the world but unable to let the horrors of his rundown neighborhood go unsolved at the risk of his love and livelihood.

See the forest for the trees.

the Irish

Book two of three. 1950 Seattle, strange and violent visitors clash with an incomparable group of men paid to solve problems with brute force; will they stop the spread of this insanity before zero-hour arrives? Perhaps...

Chrome and steel cascading together

How to: Own and Maintain Classic Cars, Cheap!

A book of great tips & tricks to owning and maintaining a classic car on a budget. Don't turn a wrench before reading the do's & dont's of working on your daily driver or  'project car'!

Hunter's Hobbies

rolling art

Some of my favorite toys over the years, just a few pics of fun wrapped in chrome & vinyl!

small projects

Some of my finest work requires fine motor skills... little things always fascinate me.

like halloween every day

Some of the truest fun you'll ever have is when you are not yourself. Put on a mask and make some memories...

Rambling on...

the dark roast

Want a coffee? Cuppa joe? Of course you do.

words on creativity

Brilliance and insanity come from the same place. Maybe someday I'll find some of the former...

a journal, of sorts

I ramble on about some things here.



A little autobiography may be found here.


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