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Book one in the Brasswatch series.

Gabriel Marshall returned from his time in the service with a plan to start fresh, to find his place in the world. Tragedy and chance took away the remnants of his family, and now Gabe must find his own path on the dirty and treacherous streets of the Bowery.

Debuts November 2018, digital & paperback


Book two in the Brasswatch series.

The word whispered about town was that migrant children were disappearing, never to be seen again. In his search for answers Cameron Mason uncovers a gruesome truth that drives him to succeed at any cost. His determination to stop the villains responsible is against the odds and against time.

Debuts December 2018, digital & paperback


Book three in the Brasswatch series.

As a cold winter set into the woods outside Portland in the winter of 1950, a string of unusual crimes had become far more perplexing when the criminals were identified as dead men! No stranger to the paranormal, Shamus takes the job.

Debuts January 2019, digital & paperback

My lifelong passion

A classic Buick shining on...

rolling art

Some of my favorite toys over the years, just a few pics of fun wrapped in chrome & vinyl!

Rambling on...

the dark roast

Want a coffee? Cuppa joe?

Of course you do.

words on creativity

Brilliance and insanity come from the same place.

Insanity is far more fun...

a journal, of sorts

I ramble on about some things,




Just my cogs turning...

A little autobiography may be found here.


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